forestry & education

What is a Community Interest Company?

A CIC is a limited company which is run for the benefit of the community, rather than for profit. Our social purpose takes the form of environmental restoration, as well as giving small businesses a hand in their sustainable development.

Why does the ecosystem need restoring?

Whitelands Wood was a conifer plantation, planted with ash and western red cedar in 1957. In 2002, the area was bought by the West family, who began the process of removing the non-native cedar trees and reverting the site back to native broadleaf woodland. The woodland is now a mosaic of habitats, from light and airy ash and beech to dark conifer, open downland glades and rides, to new plantation. With the onset of ash dieback, a severe threat to the ecosystem and the timber business, we are having to rethink our plan for natural regeneration. Ongoing ecological monitoring informs our management practise.

Why should we combine forestry and education?

The woods are about more than just timber production, and they’re not just a haven for wildlife. Recent studies have continued to show that time spent outdoors boosts cognitive development, mental health, and physical fitness¬†for people of all ages. Not only that, but those who experience nature at an early age are more likely to protect it later on in life. Teaching children to appreciate the environment and all that it provides equips them to help save it.

We are also happy to provide for art or craft projects, for delivery or collection.

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