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“Whitelands is a sunlight-capturing factory that consumes about 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. It is run for wildlife and is financed by ecological consultancy, timber sales, education and training. The timber is used in a huge variety of projects, mostly construction of interesting and eco-friendly buildings. Firewood is also produced. It needs interest, recruits and customers to help drive the perpetuating woodland.”

– Jonathan West, Principal and Founder


We are the Whitelands Project CIC, a woodland based social enterprise. We unite business and biodiversity, restoring the native woodland by working with local small businesses and community groups.

We work with sole traders and land workers, providing space, resources and equipment to help them make the most of the woodland in an ecologically conscious way. Whitelands CIC works to support small scale sustainable industry, typically offering services for a fraction of the market value, so that working woodlands can become more accessible for all. Payment can be worked out on a sliding scale – we typically ask for 20% of the profits generated from woodland business ventures. Why? Because our aim is to restore both the woodland ecosystem and the local community’s connection with it. If you encourage others to value something for ecological, emotional and economic reasons, they are all the more likely to protect it.

Planted up as a western red cedar plantation in 1957, Whitelands Wood came under the management of Jonathan West in 2002. Jonathan established the Whitelands Project, aiming to restore the area to its native woodland state, while supplying a small sawmill with sustainable timber and providing a venue for ecological education. After his death in 2018, Jonathan’s children took over and transformed the family business into a community interest company. Both ecologists, they believe woodland management is all about diversity – both biologically and economically!

The Project now provides a platform for small businesses and local tradesmen to sustainably utilize Whitelands’ ecosystem services. That includes the western red cedar and ash timber, firewood, and willow coppice, as well as the amazing woodland space itself. If you want to read more about our business opportunities and partnerships, head over to our “business” page. If you’d like to hear about the species we support, check out our “biodiversity” page.

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