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Newsletter January 2020


A very happy new year to you all! We hope you have all had a restful winter, and are looking forward to the return of spring as much as we are. In between battling flooded tracks, strong winds and falling trees, we have been enjoying the first frosts as well as the unseasonal winter warmth. Here is a brief recap of what we have been up to toward the end of 2019.

Wreath Making Workshop With Kat Wooton and Elsa Donovan - We were especially excited for this one, as it was our first event in the Whitelands Barn! It was a great day of wreath making and den building; mulled wine for the grown ups and hot chocolate for the kids. The new barn camp was left considerably more festive!

Tree Planting Day - thanks to local fundraising efforts by Livi Burton, Floss Turner and Hannah Finch, we have replaced diseased ash saplings in the plantation with small leaf lime, and started establishing a hawthorn hedgerow above the barn.
Updates v Those familiar with Whitelands track will be thrilled to hea…

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