Whitelands works with a wide variety of people in all kinds of businesses. This diversity is what makes the project work. Frank Spooner runs Whitelands Saw Mill, and here he tells us a little more about his work…

How do you work with the Whitelands Project CIC? 

I’m Frank and I run the saw mill here at Whitelands. In the past I’ve worked on a variety of conservation programs, mainly in Central and South America. I came back to the UK to work on something similar. I concentrate on woodland work, but do a mix of things including working as parish lengthsman, maintaining footpaths and public spaces around our village. At Whitelands I concentrate on the saw mill. The reason I wanted to get involved with Whitelands is because of the sustainable forestry aspect. I knew Jonathan West from a very young age, and I have always been a fan of the project. I’d like to help keep that going in any way I can.  

How does your work contribute to conserving the woodland?
My work helps conserve the woodland by providing a source of income, we process the western red cedar which is gradually being thinned out of the woodland. It’s not a native tree but makes a great product for the saw mill. It is extremely durable and easy to handle. It provides a financial incentive for habitat improvement.

Why did you choose to work with the Whitelands Project? 
The saw mill is a really versatile piece of kit and we can do just about anything with it. From cladding to go on the side of houses to beams and pillars for timber framing, fence post, slabs from tables, or even bee hives and bird boxes.  It is mobile so we can bring it in to reach timber that is hard to extract. So if anyone needs anything like that don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!