Local band Monkeys Fist playing in the Granary on the 28th September.

The Bee Fiesta on the 28th September at the Granary Arts Collective was exactly the kind of event that makes the place unique. The Granary is a bubbling, boiling, mixing pot of people, from poets, artists and musicians, to conservationists, ecologists and of course, the enraptured audience.

Kezia and her team have a way of bringing people together from anywhere and everywhere, finding common connections and unifying themes. The comfortable, welcoming atmosphere provides a happy shelter from the confusion of the outside world, giving you time to reflect, consider and, most of all, create.

The charity art auction and new proud owner of “Bee Awesome”. 

 The Whitelands Project was privileged to be a part of the event, giving us the opportunity to talk with local people about pollinator conservation in their area. The idea came from the mind of Sarah Rosella- a bee keeper and Petersfield local, after she got to know Friends of the Bees, a Devon based social enterprise. As a conservation organisation, Friends of the Bees encourages nature friendly bee keeping and protection of pollinator habitat. Supporting grassroots organisations like FoB is important to keep conservation efforts going, but the event was contrived as more than a fundraiser – it was to bee a celebration. Musicians, poets, story tellers, all gathered to share their love of all things bee-autiful, from new creations to ancient myths.

Peering in at story telling by poet Susan Taylor.

The event combined charity efforts with education and celebration. Charities like Bumblebee Conservation Trust need more than just members and donations. Their projects aim to inspire action, even in the simplest of ways. They encourage making a space for wildlife in your own garden, and they have plenty of tips online for bee friendly tactics. The Blue Campaign shares this goal, and they raise awareness of the importance of preserving wild patches with a blue heart sign – an idea that inspired our seedbomb making and a symbol that made it’s way into the bee house making workshop.

Bee houses with blue hearts and seed bomb making with Fritha.

We were thrilled to be part of an event that so successfully brought art and conservation together. If you missed the Bee Fiesta, or just want to hear more about future opportunities at the Granary, be sure to check out their website and follow them on Facebook.