The Whitelands Project’s next big project, as explained by Fritha West, Woodland Manager.

As some of you may know, my aim this year is to complete construction of the eco-build barn that Dad began within the wood. Those of you who have walked up that way will remember seeing it or will have heard him speak about it- walls made out of old tractor tires and pillars of greenheart harbour timber. It’s going to have a grass roof, and will look from the outside as if it were an earth-cave, or hollow hill.
We will be staying true to his vision and his design for it. The build will be made of sustainable and/or recycled materials, with rainwater collection and (eventually) solar power. It will provide a much needed base for working in the wood throughout the year.

As was always the case for Dad, I am now facing the challenge of funding! I have been in awe of all the amazing people who have offered to help us in any way they can, and I hope you won’t mind helping me now. I am applying for a range of grants that have the potential to get this project up and going again, and for these I need to provide evidence of the local community’s support- from well wishers to future customers.

So… if you think your business would benefit from the Whitelands Barn (for forestry work access/storage/security , for woodland workshops, anything forestry based) or if you think that the community would benefit from the types of services (including increasing opportunity for environmental education, encouraging connection with nature, expanding forestry work etc.) and revenue it could provide, please could you put it in a letter and address it to:

Miss Fritha West
The Whitelands Project
17 Reservoir Lane

If you have been a Whitelands customer before, or worked with Whitelands on any projects, please be sure to mention that and how our work together could be furthered by having a bit of woodland infrastructure to rely on. 

EDIT: Written letters are preferable and any statement of support must include your address and contact details. The deadline for this application has been extended but I need to get all letters in by the 18th November. 

Many many thanks!

Further questions email