The Summer work party was brilliant. We split logs,slayed stubborn clematis, the sky was clear then it rained. And rained, and rained (and we drank tea.)

As an outdoorsy person living in smoggy London, this was my perfect weekend. Achieving something beyond tippy tapping on computers, and meeting new people. You know that people who are connected to the West family and the Whitelands Project in some way or another are going to be unique, interesting individuals, all adding to the experience.

Leaving a bit of time for relaxing, too. 

So you’re thinking of coming to the October work party? Here is why you should:
        There are rain covers.
        There are lots of tools to play with (..safely).
        Whatever level of ability and experience you have, you are useful (really!).
        If you like getting your hands dirty, there are plenty of ways to do so.
        If you like your hands to stay clean, there are gloves.
        You will be humbled by the amazing hosting of the Whitelands team.
       Hope to see you there!
              a guest post by Wyse Lockyer
Wyse recently debuted a new music video, filmed in Whitelands Wood. 


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