This summer has been a busy one so far!

We had our first official Whitelands Work Party at the end of July, perfectly timed during the only rain storm we have had for weeks. Volunteers were determined and managed to have a good time despite the extreme wet- and we got a huge amount done!

Mitzi taking a necessary break from fighting with the clematis. 

Continuing sessions with Ranger Days and Club Morgan (which we always look forward to) along with Buriton School trip have been great fun…

A little extra detail added to a treehouse…
Wolfie assisting with den building!

A shooting star made by one of the younger children during a craft session.

We have a few new additions to the wood; sheep have been moved in to the “lawn” above the plantation to keep the vegetation down. Despite the heat, Wihtelands north facing slopes have stayed green and fresh with plenty of scrub to keep grazers happy for the next couple of months.

Curious sheep, photo by Elsa Donovan.

Welcome visitors to the wood in the last month have included purple emperor butterflies and red kites. Less welcome visitors include muntjack deer, caught on camera for the first time below the plantation.

Photo from Bruce’s camera trap in the plantation. 

We have begun preparations for autumn, stocking our log store, taking orders for hedgehog boxes, surveying, and meeting with FC to discuss felling in the winter.

A hedgehog house made by Frank.

Thank you for reading and there will be more to follow soon!