It has been a difficult month, but there has been no shortage of things to keep us occupied. In the past few weeks we have welcomed kids groups in the wood (with Club Morgan and Ranger Days), reinstated ornithological surveying on site, built a new campsite, arranged courses for later in the year, and begun work on fixing up our sawmill equipment.

The new campsite, all thanks to Toby, Sean, Amelia and Matt who helped enormously! 

Jonathan’s daughter, Fritha, will be taking over management of the Whitelands Project. Fritha’s background is in Zoology, both around the UK and abroad, which she hopes to continue with an MSc in a few years time. She has worked for Whitelands on a range of things including ecological surveys, construction, education and woodland management. Fritha hopes to combine her experience working on various conservation projects with the support of Jonathan’s large and diverse network of friends, to continue his vision for Whitelands Wood. 
In the next few weeks we hope to start rebuilding the ecological sector of the business, as well as making further plans for the sawmill, and most importantly, finishing construction of the compost loo.